Ashlyn Wingrove - Speech Pathologist

Ashlyn is a certified practising speech pathologist and member of Speech Pathology Australia.

Her experience includes private practice, school settings, aquatic therapy, clinical education, and volunteering with international allied health clinics. She has experience supporting children and adolescents with complex communication, hearing, intellectual and multiple disabilities; including autism spectrum disorder, syndrome disorders, selective mutism, dysfluency, cleft lip and palate, childhood apraxia of speech, and other specific speech, language, and mealtime difficulties.

Through diverse experiences, Ashlyn draws on a range of skills to support her practise; including various low and high tech alternative and augmentative communication (including iPad/tablet communication software, PODD books, PECS, and key word sign), social skills programs, and evidence-based speech, language, and literacy intervention.

Ashlyn collaborates closely with families with the aim of devising goals that are functional and holistic. Using a creative, play-based approach, she strives to ensure intervention is motivating and enjoyable, centred around the child and family, and ultimately, supportive of social and emotional well being.