Matt Ferber

Matt’s research background is in the areas of shame processing and the wellbeing of parents who have been alienated from their children (Parental Alienation).

Matt has expertise in using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to address a range of difficulties and mental health conditions. 

Matt has worked as a School Psychologist and has expertise in supporting children and adolescents experiencing anxiety, depression, conflict with peers, disengagement from education and difficulty managing their anger.  

Matt’s expertise in working with young people is aided by his work experience as a Social Worker in youth mental health, and as a Youth Worker in a therapeutic residential care program. In these roles he worked with young people who have complex needs relating to separated families, trauma, abuse, and disability. He is also able to conduct cognitive and educational assessments.  

Matt has an interest in early childhood development and has expertise in working with parents to develop a healthy parent-child attachment. 

Matt is a registered psychologist who is passionate about working with people of all ages to improve their wellbeing and reach their potential. He has experience working with families, children, adolescents and adults in child protection, mental health, and school settings.