Rochelle Hay

Rochelle Hay - clinician psychologist

Please note: Rochelle is not able to take on any new clients at this time. We would be happy to recommend another one of our psychologists for you.

 Rochelle is an experienced Clinical Psychologist who has been offering psychological services to individuals and families for over 20 years. She is registered with the Psychology Board of Australia and is a member of the College of Clinical Psychologists of the Australian Psychological Society (APS).

Rochelle has many years of experience providing services to children, adolescents and adults in both the public and private sectors.

In the public sector Rochelle has worked as a Psychologist and Program Manager for Disability Services.  She has extensive experience in the assessment and diagnosis of children with global developmental delay, intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorder.  She also has considerable expertise in family focused interventions for children with disability who have complex needs including behavioural issues, anxiety, depression and who have experienced trauma and abuse.

Rochelle has 10 years’ experience working in part time private practice with Gardiner Consulting.  In this capacity she provided assessment and treatment for adolescents and adults for a range of presenting issues such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, fears and phobias, stress, alcohol issues, parenting concerns and relationship issues, obsessions/compulsions and post-traumatic stress. She has also had considerable experience in working with individuals to develop assertiveness skills, resolve conflict, improve confidence and address career and work-related concerns.

In her work with children and adults Rochelle draws upon a range of therapeutic approaches, but primarily Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Interpersonal Therapy.  Rochelle is known for being a warm and caring therapist who is able to make clients feel at ease and help them to achieve positive outcomes.

Fiona Kelly

Fiona Kelly has been a registered Psychologist since 1989 working in Australia and overseas.

Over this time she has delivered and lead intervention services in the disability, mental health and justice sectors focusing on children and adults with complex behavioural and psychological issues.

Since 2005 she has focused on supporting adults to optimise their wellbeing and performance at work.  This has included assisting them to address psychological distress that is workplace related (e.g. trauma, critical incident) as well as personal issues such as anxiety and self-limiting beliefs that may be impeding their satisfaction and goal attainment. 

Fiona uses a range of approaches and theories including Systems Theory, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Solution Focused Intervention to assist individuals to gain an understanding of their current situation, identify strategies to resolve their distress and achieve their goals.

Please note: Fiona's consulting day for therapy clients is 1 Saturday per month or during the week if available at 4 or 5pm.

Kerry Burke

Please note: Kerry is NOT taking on any new therapy clients at this time but is still available for ASD assessments on Thursdays. We would be happy to recommend another one of our psychologists for you.

Kerry Burke is a Clinical Psychologist who has experience in working with children and families at a major Adelaide public hospital. She has also had extensive experience in the disability field. Kerry has been in private practice for the past five years, where she specialises in working with children and their families.

Kerry has extensive experience in conducting a range of assessments with children including comprehensive educational assessments to assess for learning difficulties and cognitive difficulties. She also has many years experience conducting assessments for autism spectrum disorders.  She works directly with schools to assist in developing comprehensive  behavioral plans and learning plans to assist teachers working with special needs children. Kerry also works closely with families to  address a range of behavioral, social and emotional needs. 

Kerry works in this office part time: Tuesdays 9.30-2.30, Wednesdays 9.30-5, Thursdays 9.45-5 and 1 Saturday per month.


Lyn Moseley


Lyn Moseley – Psychologist and Teacher – specialises in working with children, adolescents and families – can also see adult clients.

 Lyn Moseley is a registered psychologist and teacher with more than ten years of experience in secondary teaching and twelve years of experience as a practicing psychologist (including seven years as School Psychologist at one of Adelaide’s leading private schools). Lyn’s extensive experience in schools gives her a unique ability to work with children, adolescents and their families to resolve a range of behavioural, academic, social and emotional issues. Lyn has also worked as a consultant psychologist treating children and adolescents with sleep disorders at Flinders University’s Child and Adolescent Sleep Clinic.

 Lyn has also worked in the private sector providing therapy to adults experiencing anxiety and depression. She has provided services to adults under Employee Assistance Programs and can assist clients work through and resolve personal difficulties impacting on work and family functioning.

 Her work with all clients is founded on the principles of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy while drawing other therapies to tailor the therapy approach to suit the needs of individual clients.

Lyn practices here on all day Tuesdays and Wednesdays and 1 Monday afternoon per month.

Lyn has capacity during the day on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to take on new referrals.

Please contact reception if you would like to book in with Lyn.

Julie Dini

Julie Dini - Psychologist - Specialises in Children and can also see Adults.

Julie is a Registered Psychologist who has been working with children and their families for 20 years. She is registered with the Psychology Board of Australia and is a member of the College of Educational and Developmental Psychologists (APS). Julie has worked as a Psychologist within the public, non- government and education sectors. In the public sector Julie worked in Psychologist roles in Disability Services for many years and has experience in the assessment and diagnosis of children with global developmental delay and intellectual disability. She also has significant experience in complex behavioural assessment and positive behaviour support for children and adults with Intellectual Disability and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Julie has also worked within schools and preschools providing assessment and consultancy especially for children with disabilities.

Julie is experienced in the assessment and treatment of children with a wide range of emotional and behavioural difficulties including anxiety and panic attacks, emotional regulation, attachment disorders, depression, fears, phobias and post-traumatic stress, social skills, feeding and toileting difficulties and problem sexual behaviour. Julie has significant experience working with children with disabilities who have experienced trauma.

Julie practice day has changed for 2017, it is now Wednesdays and some Tuesday afternoons on a needs basis.

Julie is taking on new referrals.

Please contact reception if you would like to book in with Julie.



Rachael Elliott

Rachael is a clinical psychologist with 17 years’ experience in the field. She has worked with a wide range of individuals from different backgrounds at varying stages of life who are dealing with challenging circumstances. Rachael started her career as a sessional couples therapist at Relationships Australia in Perth before moving to Sydney and working in a community drug and alcohol treatment service with groups and individuals dealing with addiction issues. During that time she also worked in a Women’s Drug Rehabilitation Centre and at Unifam, Parramatta, with families and young people post separation.

Rachael’s areas of interest relate to working with the effects of trauma, a range of mental health issues, as well as engaging with couples, supporting families and individuals dealing with the impacts of brain injury to find effective ways to live full and meaningful lives. She recognises the importance of using various approaches to assist clients to take risks, build greater understanding of themselves and develop ways to make changes that are sustainable over time.

Rachael is registered with the Psychology Board of Australia, AHPRA with endorsement to work in the clinical area. She is a member of the Australian Association of Cognitive Behavioural Therapists (AACBT) and maintains a strong focus on continuing professional development activities.

Rachael practices here fortnightly on Thursday only between 9.30am-3pm.

Rachael is not taking new referrals. Please contact reception to book in with one of our other psychologists.